Lives: Retreat Gallery, 6 Retreat Rd Haruru Northland Awards: Waiheke Small Sculpture Awards Merit Award 2020, Portage Ceramic Awards Premier Award 2019, OBJECTive Art Awards Premier Award 2008, Portage Ceramic Awards Merit Award 2006, Portage Ceramic Awards Mention of Excellence 2003

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Mark Mitchell

I grew up in NZ in a creative environment where I was always curious to see what my father had been inventing in his studio. My background in ceramics began in 1996 when I was initially working in a commercial pottery in Auckland, and then self-employed as a slip caster for 2 years.

I began my Fine Arts degree at Wanganui Quay School of Art, completing my final year of the degree at Otago Polytechnic School of Art in 2001. From 2002- 2005 I was employed as the Pottery Tutor at Hungry Creek Art School, Auckland.  Here I continued to develop mould making and throwing skills, slab building processes, and surface treatments using terra sigilatta, decals, enamels, and screen printing.

I was chosen to represent NZ as an emergent Artist at the Fule International Ceramic Museums in China in 2007, where I worked alongside a group of internationally recognised Artists for 7 weeks. This was situated in an industrial tile and brick factory in the Shaanxi province, China.

In 2009 I was recipient of a 3 month residency in Shigaraki Cultural Ceramic Park, Japan, awarded by The Japan Foundation, Sydney. This gave me the opportunity to solely focus on creating a new body of work in an internationally recognized ceramic residency programme.